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Welcome To Parkway Greenhouse

Come Grow With Us!

Parkway Greenhouse grows a wide variety of flower, fruit bearing, and edible plants, shrubs, and trees for resale to the public. We also sell greenhouse accessories such as flower pots, fertilizer, bulbs, etc.

But the thing we are perhaps most known for is our ability to help our customers grow their own plants and trees using innovative tools such as our Backyard Greenhouse kits and our recently patented Air Propagator!

We know that while many people dabble in gardening, few have the time to stay up to speed on the latest technology and techniques. The horticulture industry is moving fast and we make it our business to keep up. As a matter of fact we are one of the innovators pushing it forward. We hold more than 10 patents for agricultural products and devices that we produce ourselves and are on the cutting edge of gardening technology.

Feel free to discuss any questions you might have with us and we will make it our business to help find you the best solution to your gardening and greenhouse needs.