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Check out our honey bees

Welcome to Parkway Greenhouse!

Our Strawberry Sack is perfect for growers without the yard to plant.  Cut a whole in the sack for your strawberry plant  then place it in the watering container and watch them grow.  You’ll water your strawberries or other produce or flowers without making a mess and you can place them  anywhere.  

Our patented Drip “n” Grow planters are now available online or you can purchase them at Parkway Greenhouse on South Memorial Parkway in Huntsville, Alabama.



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Strawberry Sack

Honey bees just love our greenhouses.  A group of honey bees decided to build their hive on one of our greenhouses.  We didn’t have the heart to kill them so we decided to share them with everyone.  Check out the live feed below.


Great for apartments, offices, or areas with limited space.